Where to go in Bellevue, Washington and Surrounding Eastside?
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Looking for Local happenings blogs like Seattlest and company, but for the Eastside. Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Bothell, Renton, Woodenville and the surrounding areas

Basically I'm looking for blogs that list current events that are happening in their coverage zone. Right now I seem to get most of my, "Oh that sounds like fun" events from Seattle based blogs and friends in Seattle. The only problem is the only events I usually know about on the eastside come from friends and what I notice posted in the library.

Redmonds filled with Microsofties so there has to be a few good local blogs there right?

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Best answer: Well, the thing is, not much ever used to happen on the Eastside (and some would say that's still the case), so most of the "what's happening" stuff is from the local paper (Bellevue Reporter and affiliates) or directed at parents. Here are a few; I'll be interested to see other responses.

Kirkland Weblog
For families: http://www.rubyslipperguide.com
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Best answer: Renton isn't really "Eastside," but here's their community events: http://www.gorenton.com/chambermaster/communityevents
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Best answer: I've also found Renton events on this blog - link to the calendar at the top of the page.
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i've been living here for 21 years and am unaware of anything fun that has ever occurred on the eastside.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the links
Komo News Communities sorta gives me what I was looking for though it does it badly with Title Only Feeds and relisting the same content over most of their 43 "blogs"... Sigh...
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