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[ComputerFilter] Newly installed programs and updated programs can't connect to the internet. Any ideas? (Vista Home Premium)

I've already tried adding exceptions to the Firewall, as well as disabling the firewall alltogether.

Firefox, along with a few other random programs work, but if I try to install a new program, or if I update a currently working program, it is no longer able to connect to the internet.

For example, I just tried installing Google Chrome, and it's not able to connect to the internet. Similarly with Spybot S&D and others.

Any input would be great. Thanks!
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I don't use Vista.. If no one here can solve your problem, you might ask at, they are v good at solving these kinds of issues.
posted by citron at 3:13 PM on August 9, 2009

Best answer: Are you running Norton Anti-virus? This sounds suspiciously like a known problem with that software. Download the removal tool (just uninstalling can stuff your connection completely) and install Avast or AVG freeware AV instead.
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Response by poster: Thanks! It was Norton all along
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