Altoids Like Tin?
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Were can I buy an Altoids like tin (image) without the Altoids design (etc)?

I just want the one.
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Craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby or whatnot might have them.

Also, these tins are popular among people who use 'em to make headphone amplifiers (Google 'Chu Moy'). If anybody had a lead, it's be one of those folks.

And, at the risk of saying something obvious, it wouldn't be too hard to remove the paint from an Altoids tin.
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Do you have The Container Store in the UK? They have a whole aisle of them.
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Muji always has stuff like this.
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In addition to craft shops, you might check party or wedding supply stores.
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Why not just buy an Altoids tin... eat the mints, then soak the tin in paint remover/thinner ?
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If you don't want/need it to have a hinge, you can get a hand-rolling tobacco-tin from smoke-shops or (if you want the sort they sell) the sort of shops that sell band T-shirts and spikey belts. If you want one with a hinge, I dunno. Some smoke-shop-type places might have some (10 seconds on Google didn't find me any though).
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Try $1.25 each.
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