Which recording of "Cup of Loneliness" is used in the closing credits of Mad Men 2.12?
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Which recording of "Cup of Loneliness" is used at the end of Mad Men season 2 episode 12, "The Mountain King", and where can I get it?

Every source says it's "Cup of Loneliness" by George Jones, but none of the Cup of Loneliness recordings I've found — George Jones or otherwise — sound the same. On the episode the version is faster and higher pitched than this version, but the way the lines are sung (particularly "where the way is dark and dim") sound as though it's not simply the original sped up.

I don't have an online clip of the show, but if you've got it at home it's played as episode 2.12 closes to credits.
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Best answer: Is the voice in the link clipped the same? I have a version by George Jones but it's different than what you've linked. The linked version sounds much more modern--I believe I have his original Mercury recording which runs 2.41. You can hear a sample here.
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Best answer: There are two versions available on the iTunes Music Store. One clocks in at 2:28 and sounds similar to the one you've linked to on YouTube. The other clocks in at 2:40 and sounds a bit faster and higher pitched. I assumed you checked iTunes before asking your question, but maybe not...
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Response by poster: How embarrassing, I could've sworn that 2:40 version wasn't at the iTunes Australia store when I looked a few weeks ago.

Thanks folks!
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