AVR Simulator with UART and external RAM support?
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I'm looking for a (quality?) AVR simulator that supports external RAM and UART communications. I usually use Microchip PICs, but for a new project I'm using Atmel AVRs, and I'm getting a little lost in my options. The intended application is for something like the Atmega128 with external RAM and RS232 communications. It appears AVR Studio supports external RAM, but doesn't support the UART (Huh?) Linux is preferred, but Windows and OSX are ok. Free and open source is preferred, but not required. Stability is also preferred over crashiness.
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When I had an AVR question, it got answered over at avrfreaks pretty quickly.
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My bad, that seems to be down. I've seen sparkfun recommended as an alternative forum.
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Most people I know of use AVR Studio; I've heard of them also using hapsim, which hooks into AVR studio and simulates peripherals (including UART, as far as I can tell).

It's open source, but only offers windows binaries as far as I can tell.
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