I want to play Lollapalooza but I'm not on the bill
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I want to play at the front gates of Lollapalooza. Will this work?

I wan't to rap in front of Lollapalooza as a publicity stunt for my dance/rap group. I plan to take a Pignose Hog 20 amp with my laptop and consenser mic. My first and foremost concern is: will I be stopped? At Pitchfork Music Festival two years ago there was an abstract dance group performing outside of the entrance gates. I just don't want to get arrested (or at least not for 20 minutes or so that I plan to play). What do y'all think?
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I think they will definitely stop you if you insist on being right in front...and besides, you would get trampled by kids anyway. Get a little farther away.
I think it's in Grant Park, right? Set up on Michigan Ave or something?
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Bad idea. The city takes Lollapalooza very seriously. The area around the gates will be heavily patrolled and they will frown on any stunt which could possibly disrupt the flow of pedestrian traffic.

A better (read: legally safer) way to do it would be to get a performer's license and just setup on the sidewalk nearby. That way, if you're hassled by the cops, at least you're protected.
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Grant Park...where Barrack Obama gave his historic speech. Just imagine all the cops who were "on alert" that night.

Now picture about half of them (still a freaking lot) wanting to bust illegal alcohol consumption and drug trafficking. If they go by the book, they won't let ANYTHING slide. They *MIGHT* say "keep it moving"...but really, do you REALLY want to put your fate in the hands of cops who might be competing for most arrests that day?

If I were you, I'd contact one of the tents inside, and see if they will let you do what you want...or best case scenario, do it on the subway. I believe the Washington/Lake stop is closed. You should bet on most kids taking the Monroe or Lake stop.

Even though you don't have a performance permit...I'd bet on THAT rather than anywhere near grant park.

That would be better...and probably less of an asshole-type-cop presence.

Good luck...and bring someone with you to protect your stuff while you're performing.
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My brother-in-law is one of the senior guys in charge of sound for Lolla. He said, and I quote: "He would be removed in minutes if he tried to perform outside the gates without permission." Security guys for these events are not kind and gentle people.

Don't do it on the property that has been leased by the event. Off site, you might have to worry about cops, but they're likely to be way less amped up than the event security. I also wouldn't go without at least a couple of people to stand by the equipment. I can't speak to what sort of regulations there are around performing, but if a license is required, and you don't have one, your equipment could be impounded and you'll have to go through the courts to get it back.
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