Help find Wendell Berry writing about urban biases toward rural America
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I am looking for an essay by Wendell Berry where he talks about urban America's dismissive biases toward rural America, and critiques this attitude.

I believe I read this in the updated version of The Unsettling of America, but I'm not at all sure. I'm sure he's made the argument elsewhere, and that would be fine too.

The point is, I'm far from a library and need to find passages where Berry makes this argument as soon as possible. Can anyone help?

If you know of good progressive critiques along the same lines as Berry's, please feel free to post those too. Thanks!
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I know this isn't exactly it, but here's an essay that discusses not so much dismissive biases as our (city dwellers) ignorance of agriculture. Some of the critiques and practical approaches are presented here, though it's not the main focus:
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But, shoot! This one's probably much more to the heart of it:,n2,p131-138,Howley.pdf [PDF]

Good luck!
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I think this is it.
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In bell hooks' book Belonging: A Culture of Place, she compares her personal history with that of Wendell Berry, in how they both were born in Kentucky, moved to New York, and then returned to Kentucky. Apparently she's met Mr.Berry several times, and they've sat down and discussed such things, including the biases. What it means to be raised in tobacco country, for instance, versus the perception of tobacco. She discusses Mr.Berry in depth throughout the book. It's not the Berry essay you were looking for, but I thought you might be interested.
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Just popping in to say once you find it, post it to the blue.
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This is driving me crazy. I know the essay that you're talking about specifically. It rambles on about driving through nowhere and never really cognitively realizing what/where that nowhere is. Fuuuuuuu! I hate not being able to recall things like this.
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As for other writers, you might want to check out Gene Logsdon.
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