Where is Mike Johnson?
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Last known address: Portland, Oregon. I check all my publications weekly. Is Mike Johnson (Dinosaur Jr.) still touring?

I've caught him about three times in Seattle, none more recent than 7 or 8 years ago at the Crocodile. I know he used to show up at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard every couple years but haven't seen him listed there for at least four years. You'll note the link in the post has no information past 2006. Has anybody in Oregon or Washington or Vancouver or anywhere seen him lately???
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Have you checked his MySpace page? Maybe you can message him there. Somebody logs in quite frequently.

Dinosaur Jr. still tours.
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Response by poster: I did check it and just got the feeling he's not the one logging in. Nothing has changed on it other than people sporadically messaging...it has been static for as long as I've been checking in, over a year.
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Best answer: According to his Facebook page, he currently resides in Gardanne, France. He performed as recently as April 10 in Cumo, Italy.
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Checked pollstar.com and it looks like Mike Johnson's not touring but Dinosaur Jr. is.
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