Looking for a 65-70 mile cycling route near Frederick, MD
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Maryland cyclists: looking for a 65-70 mile route/loop in (or around) Frederick.

Hivemind: I'm heading up to Frederick, MD, to visit family next week but am also training for a century in late August. Next week is supposed to be a 65 mile long-ride, the last until the The Big Day.

I've looked at the cue sheets and maps at the local club site, (esp. this ride from Monocacy MS to Antietam) but would also be interested in hearing from anyone else in the area as regards routes with moderate hills and (if this is possible) light traffic.

We'll be staying near the C&O Towpath, but it's unfortunately not paved. Road is best but I'm OK with paved greenways as well.
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Best answer: This thread has a few suggestions for bike trip sites. Might help you out.
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Response by poster: Yeah, these look pretty good. I'm somewhat familiar with the area, so I know where some of the worst hills are. The notations are very nice. This is looking like a good candidate if I decide to bail on the other. Looks like there's more here than on mapitpronto.com
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Have you tried searching for routes on MapMyRide.com? It's hit or miss, depending on users, but I've found some good routes on it (and paid back by creating some myself).
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Best answer: C&O Towpath FTW.
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These might give some inspiration, no definite route though.

Two other centuries that are sort of near Frederick; the further you get from Frederick/DC the lower the traffic will be:
Cumberland Valley Cycling Club
Gettysburg Century

Two maps from a Maryland bike shop:
Nasty Road Climbs
Recreational Rides - probably easier than what you're after
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Response by poster: Thanks to all. I ended up using one of the cue sheets from the club's website, but will probably be using bikely for future travels.
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Response by poster: Oh, also - I did quite a bit of riding on the C&O towpath using a trail bike I borrowed from a relative. It was beautiful, and I highly recommend it if you have the means.
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