International codes for the US
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What is the International Postal Code for the United States? And what is the Country Code for the United States (for dialing phone numbers). [More Inside]

I apologize for the simiplicity of the question, but google was riddled with zip code spam. I think the Country Code is +1, right?, but I had never heard of an international postal code.
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The country code is indeed +1, but as far as I know to send letters you just put in the regular address and tack "USA" on the end of it.
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Sometimes the postal code is pre-fixed with the country code. For example my postal code is usually CH-8050 (CH=Switzerland) but I have never seen it for US postal codes.

I usually address it like borkingchikapa says.
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Each country will have slightly different mail addressing standards, and you should use those of the country you are mailing from. In the absence of any other information you should address the mail in an English-speaking country to "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," the official Universal Postal Union name of the U.S. In a non-English speaking country use the translation of the U.S. first, for example, "ETATS UNIS - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

The country codes you speak of are not really used internationally, but they are when sending mail within Europe. Sometimes. There is disagreement as to whether these should be UN car codes (you know, the 1-3 letter codes that go on those oval decals on the back of cars), or ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 codes (like Internet country code top-level domains1. It would be USA and US respectivelly, but don't use these unless your country's mail standards tell you to.

1except Great Britain and Northern Ireland is GB, not UK
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Country Code is +1. For mail, I've always used "USA" at the end.
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International dialing code is 001. That's what you dial when you're actually overseas. You write "+1 (xxx) nnn-nnnn" I don't know why.
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Zpousman, the extra 00 is your local convention (which *is* popular worldwide) for dialing overseas without operator intervention.

The "+" in "+1" indicates to add additional digits as necessary by your phone system.

Of course, I'm not a guru in this, so perhaps a professional operator could give us more information.
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zpousman: Sorry, that's not correct. The E.164 country code for the North American Numbering Plan (includes Canada and parts of the Carribean) is 1. The call prefix (what goes in the +) varies by country. From the NANP area, you use 011 to dial another country instead of 00.
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