Looking for a Moleskine-like book - but with bigger pages and more pages than your average Moleskine.
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Looking for a Moleskine-like book - blank pages, but with bigger pages and more pages than your average Moleskine. What type of book should I get? Bonus points if you know a store in downtown Toronto that sells it.

I am making a birthday present for a friend of mine (giftee is on MeFi, hence anon), and I want to make him a little journal with written entries, pasted photos, drawings, etc. However, to make it a bit more difficult, I am planning on carving out some pages at the back and inserting a box 2cm+2cm+2cm (a bit less than 1inch+1inch+1inch).

I love Moleskines, and if it was just a bit bigger and with more pages it would be perfect. The regular moleskines with blank pages are too thin, and the diary ones are probably thick enough, but I would rather have blank pages. Can you think of anything else that can handle this project? I can sacrifice on the 'larger pages' aspect, but definitely want to be able to put the tiny box inside.

As well, if you have any clues where in downtown toronto I can find such a book, or even browse books like this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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I'm a little confused. Moleskine notebooks come in at least three different sizes. What are you considering the "average" Moleskine? Would one of the larger sizes work? Also, Moleskines come as blank books.

I guess what I'm saying is: There are large blank Moleskines available. And even if you can't find one, it's generally non-difficult to locate a journal-like "sketchbook". If I were hunting for these things, I'd check at a large bookstore. I realize you're in Toronto, but if I were looking in Portland, OR (where I live), I'd start with Powell's Books and then move to Barnes & Noble. I know that both carry this sort of thing. (Barnes & Noble often has thickish blank sketchbooks for cheap.)
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Would one of the larger sizes work?

To be able to carve pages in the back and insert a 1" x 1" x 1" box? Nope.

I assume you've called or gone to art stores in Toronto and asked if they have big sketchbooks with lots of pages?
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Yes, you need an art supply store.

The Best Art Supply Stores in Toronto.
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Moleskine makes blank books in all of their binding sizes, but not all distributors carry them.

Bookstores often have a section full of hard- and soft-bound journals and sketchbooks that might fit your needs.

Art supply stores are probably the best bet.
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Check out etsy...and in a city like Toronto, you're likely to find an etsy moleskin bookbinder locally.
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Midoco has a large selection of artist's sketchbooks, journals and notepads.
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You could glue a couple Moleskines together to get the thickness you need.

I am assuming this is going to be a thing the recipient will look at and keep on a shelf, rather than a journal to be carried around. A couple books stacked would look fine for display purposes but not for daily driving.

Along the same lines, and again assuming display object, maybe a larger book with a meaningful title as the base [this contains the tiny box], and the Moleskine as the journal fastened to the top and acting as the lid.

Do the pages around the tiny box need to be functional? If so, that's a pretty big object to get the pages to turn around. Your hole will need to be much larger in the one dimension than 1x1x1.
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An artist's sketchbook might work, but you're looking at something awfully thick. I'd also look for an old hardcover book (or textbook), gluing every 8 or so pages together to get thick paper, removing some pages so you have room to add thick collages, etc. You can choose an amusing titled book, or just re-cover it yourself.
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No idea why this is anonymous, because I'd like to ask you for a specific size requirement, but...

Moleskines come in a variety of sizes, though the larger ones are harder to find so I'm assuming that you are referring to the more typical smaller size.. You can get the larger ones in Toronto both at your favourite independent book store (a la Pages at Queen and John), and your larger more corporate place like the Indigo in the Eaton Centre. Moleskines are very mainstream these days -- easy to find in many places
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Midoco should work. Those puzzled by the anonymity, take note: I am making a birthday present for a friend of mine (giftee is on MeFi, hence anon)
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Oops, sorry Beardman.. clearly my reading comprehension is off today!
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I'd also recommend Midoco and maybe Swipe, which is on Richmond or Adelaide, just west of Spadina. They're a design (book) store but carry various notebooks.
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