What's this bug I found in my bed?
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BugFilter: Found a bug on my bed. Legs are in the wrong location on the body for it to be a bedbug, so what is it? Photo here.

It is a pretty slow little bugger -- I'd say slower than an ant. It measures about 5mm in length. If there are other details I can provide to aid in identification, please ask. Thanks!
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I'm not sure that what you've pictured isn't a bedbug. Is it relatively flat?
posted by ellF at 7:24 PM on August 5, 2009

It's very . .square looking. In the last segment of its body, I mean. It looks like a beetle, to me. Do you think it's this guy?
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No worries and thank your lucky stars, that's definitely not a bedbug
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It looks some kind of ordinary beetle. Its jaws don't look like they would be piercing human skin.
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Red flour beetle? Scroll down for the red flour beetle. It looks like your little guy.

Do you eat in bed? Could be munching on the crumbs....
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That's actually far too big for a flour beetle, and only the larvae actually eat the grain. Their eggs usually are already in packaged grains(which is why you should put bags of flour and grain based mixes in the freezer for a few days before storage in a pantry) rather than adults attracted to spillage.
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It might be a Lined Flat Bark Beetle. Is it extremely flat (dorsoventrally), as in the 3rd photo here? That might be another diagnostic clue.

For comparison, check out the images of Laemophloeus biguttatus and Laemophloeus fasciatus.
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Lined Flat Bark Beetle sounds very promising. My bug is quite flat and the brown markings on its back do match up with what is in the photos.
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