Rescuing old "60 Minutes" episode from the memory hole?
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Trying to find memory-holed "60 Minutes" episode from 1986... can anyone help?

I've been trying to find either a video or transcript of a "60 Minutes" segment that originally aired on November 23, 1986 entitled "Out of Control." Unfortunately, it looks like CBS has memory-holed it (probably out of embarrassment.)

I haven't found it in any of the (extensive) library resources I have available in NY -- even the Paley Center for Media doesn't have it. And when I contacted CBS, I got the following response: "Unfortunately, this episode of 60 Minutes is not available for release in either video or transcript form."

Of course, this makes me doubly determined to get a copy.

Does anyone have ideas about where I might track it down? I can do an interlibrary loan... I just need to find someone who's got a copy of the darn thing.

Any assistance much appreciated... thanks, hive mind!
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What was it about?
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The Audi thing.
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Yup. It's an investigation of "unintended acceleration" incidents in Audis -- later debunked. It also crossed an ethical line, journalistically.
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I'd try contacting Greg Farrell at USA Today. He wrote a 1998 article for Brill's Content about the segment, and mentioned in said article that he had seen a "hard-to-obtain copy of the broadcast." If he still has his notes or remembers where he found it after so long, of course.
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The Vanderbilt Television News archive doesn't have the show, but it appears to have a news segment that excerpts it here.
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ProQuest put out a series of monthly CDs with transcripts that should have it. I assume you already checked Lexis Nexis?
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Library of Congress has a tape.

It also lists microfilm transcripts from University Microfilms International and CD transcripts from ProQuest
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I watched it in my Ergonomic Psychology class. If you don't find it using normal methods, I can give you my professors name and contact info. He's got the tape.
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Thanks, all.

I had checked Lexis-Nexis; there wasn't a transcript.

I put in a request to get a copy of the LOC version. I had checked WorldCat, and it wasn't listed, even though other episodes were. (And if all else fails, I may take you up on your offer, No New Diamonds Please.)
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