Help me find a good afterschool program?
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How do I look for an afterschool program for my soon to be preschooler?

This is a bit Brooklyn-centric, but advice from knowledgeable parents anywhere would be helpful.

My daughter will enter preschool (called pre-K in NYC) this September, on the public school calendar. Pre-K runs from morning to about 2:30, but she'll need to go to an afterschool most days M-F, some days for just an hour, some days until 5:30.

So, my questions are both concrete and general:

1. Do you know any decent, affordable after school programs that would serve a public school located near Atlantic Ave and Flatbush?

2. How much do after school programs that include pickup from school cost per week / per month, etc, in Brooklyn?

3. Is there any way that I can find these places online and give them a call? I have a couple of suggestions from the school itself, but that's just two.

Any other advice on this topic is much appreciated. Thanks from a sometimes clueless dad.
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There are several Brooklyn parenting groups where you might find better answers to this question; Brooklyn Parents Network is free and has lots of knowledgeable parents.
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Response by poster: Hey does anyone else have any general experience or reflections to provide?

One answer to my once a week MeFi question (and its a link anyway) really blows - redeem thyself hive, give me your intellegent perspectives!
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