How do get a copy of a Ph.D thesis on Hillary Clinton's hairdos?
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Was a Ph.D. thesis actually written on Hillary Clinton's hairdos? If so how do I get a copy?

A NYT article today states, " “This morning I had the chance to meet two women in Nairobi, to get my hair done,” she said. “My hairdos are the subject of Ph.D. theses. I’ll let everyone know I got a good one in Nairobi.”

Are there really multiple theses on this? And if so how do I get a copy of one or more of them? I've googled around and keep stumbling upon Clinton's senior thesis. Also a google search for PH.d theses led me here. I can't determine what institution this is a database for. Is this a database for all theses in the country?

Any ideas on where to begin my search? Or perhaps who are the individuals that have written these theses? Are theses available to the public? I'd be curious to read at least one of them. Ideally one of these can be found online and are available for viewing at a minimal charge. If they are available by mail I'd be curious but probably less likely to pursue.

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....Something tells me she was just making a joke.
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Proquest is a service from which you can order graduate theses (both Master and PhD level) from any institution in North America.
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I just ran a search on the ProQuest Dissertation search for Hillary Clinton and hair and got no results.

There was, however, this:

The politics of fashion: American leaders and image perception
by Rosholm, Joanna S., M.A., Georgetown University, 2009 , 111 pages; AAT 1464777
Abstract (Summary)

<> Physical appearance is an important non-verbal communicator for public officials, as they are often in the public eye. As a result, one's fashion and style can affect one's political viability. All politicians are expected to dress in a certain way, a style that former Democratic National Committee Communications Director, Karen Finney, believes "conveys a degree of thoughtfulness and seriousness," (Personal Interview, 2009). These expectations are merely guidelines to attire that demonstrates the correct balance between masculinity and femininity, between paying attention to detail while appearing effortless, and maintaining one's personal character. Case studies, personal experience, and personal interviews with Karen Finney, Anita Dunn, Peter Kovar, Tim Gunn, and Rochelle Behrens illustrate the importance of what public officials wear. Secretary Hillary Clinton, Governor Sarah Palin, Congressman Barney Frank and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez are used as examples to demonstrate key points. Among the key findings, it is found that female candidates on the campaign trail continue to struggle with social permission to don casual attire. As well, while it is important to maintain a "gender appropriate" image, Hillary Clinton demonstrates how women often perform their political roles through their clothing.

Keywords: Fashion, style, clothing, gender appropriateness, performativity, viability, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Loretta Sanchez, Barney Frank, Tim Gunn, Karen Finney, Anita Dunn, Peter Kovar, Rochelle Behrens

Full text if available on ProQuest, so if you really want a copy, email me.
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Seconding EmpressCallipygos, it was a joke.

I recall hearing Hillary Clinton talk about how she was scrutinized for her hair rather than the substance of her speeches. Ditto what she's wearing.
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There is certainly research being done on the political significance of her appearance. I found this on Google Scholar, a Master's Thesis at Johns Hopkins: CLOTHING MAKES THE CANDIDATE? HOW MEDIA COVERAGE OF FEMALE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES’ CLOTHING AFFECTS VOTER PERCEPTIONS OF SOURCE CREDIBILITY, AUTHORITY AND SOCIAL LIKEABILITY. (Word doc link)
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I think she was making a joke a well--still, you might seek this book out since, according to reviews, her hairstyles and clothing come up a lot in it.
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