Looking for organic German beer in the US.
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I had some very tasty organic been in Germany years ago. It was brewed by Rother Bräu, and was either the Öko Urtrunk, Öko Ur-Weizen or the Öko Ur-Pils. I may have even tried all three at various times. I'd love to be able to track down any (if not all three) of these in the US. How do I do this?

As a total last ditch, I would take recommendations for similarly awesome organic beers that are available in the US. The beer had sediment, but was drinkable. It was not heavy, bright, and pretty balanced. The day I dropped by bottle after spending the last of my money was a very sad one.
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You could ask Beers of the World in Rochester, NY (BeerAdvocate link). Like the name says, they have lots of beer from around the world. More than any other store I've seen in the US (and I've seen the inside of many beer sellers, let me tell you.) I don't know if they ship out of state, though.

For domestic organic, there's always VTs Own Wolaver's. Not sure how it will compare to your German beer.
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You may also contact Shelton Brothers. If they don't already import it they may be looking for good suggestions. The fact that it is organic may be of interest to them.
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Just a warning: this may not actually be available in America. All but one of the reviews on Beer Advocate from the US indicate the bottle was either had in or privately brought from Germany; the one exception didn't list a source. There's no sign of any Rother Brau beers on the sites of The Foodery, Monk's, Eulogy, or Brauhaus Schmitz. If those venerable resources have nothing, things look pretty grim.
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I am not a beer drinker at all, but when I went to The Bridge liquor store in New Milford, CT this past weekend, they offered me samples of a few different types of beer. One of them I distinctly remember being a German organic beer, but I don't remember its name.

Their phone number is (860) 354-5444.
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