US expat needs new wardrobe
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I'm looking for good suggestions for buying US clothes on the Internet from overseas. Clothes are so expensive here in Australia that I think it might be cheaper even with the added shipping costs. I'm looking for male clothes that could be worn to the office - trousers, shirts, shoes.
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Sadly, almost no-one ships outside the US these days. Sierra Trading Post have some decent stuff and do ship, but it is very pricey. LL Bean may also be an option.
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Do you have someone in the US who can send this stuff to you? I'm also an American expat, and I order a ton of stuff online and have it sent to my mom's house in the US, and then she holds it for my next visit or sometimes sends me things.

Anyway, Gap has a bunch of connected stores: Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. Old Navy is least expensive, then Gap, then Banana Republic. Gap's dressier pants for men are US$49.50 right now, and plain oxford shirts are $44.50. Of course you'll do better with sales from any of these retailers, and sales are frequent.

If you want to go more casual, Old Navy has plain khakis for $29.50 and cotton dress shirts for $24.50.

Is this the kind of thing you had in mind?
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I do the same as bluedaisy, ship through family back in the states.
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I'm curious as to why you want American clothes? Most of them are made near you in China unless you go for more expensive stuff like Bonobo. But then you are back to spending more money. Maybe take a cheap vacation trip up to SE Asia? Hong Kong apparently still has excellent tailors and clothes shops. I tend to buy my business clothes overseas in Europe so I can get great quality and save a few dollars. I'm just saying...
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The US has the lowest price clothes relative to quality, at least in my (albeit limited) experience and from what other expat friends have told me. My European expat friends much prefer to shop in the US as well--especially for kids, who grow out of their stuff so quickly that the highest quality isn't essential.

Clothes may be made in China, but that does not mean they are available for sale in China.

Old Navy and Gap make a lot of stuff here in Egypt, where I live, and I can sometimes buy their overstocks, but I can't get regular first-run stuff. Similarly, Adidas makes tons of clothes in Egypt, and I can buy Adidas here, but Adidas shoes always cost less in the US, unless I happen to find a crazy deal at an outlet, but that'd take a lot of work since size runs are limited.

I don't know where Levi's jeans are made, but they easily cost at least $100 for regular run-of-mill jeans here.

JJ, you may be spending more than what I spend for clothes.
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I know this may sound like a crazy idea, but could you save money by booking a cheap flight to Hong Kong or Bangkok with a mostly empty suitcase and having a bespoke tailor make you some clothes?
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bluedaisy mentioned: The US has the lowest price clothes relative to quality, at least in my (albeit limited) experience and from what other expat friends have told me.

My experience is that no, that isn't correct. There is a world of difference between the dress clothes of equivalent cost I find in American department stores and European department stores. Sewing, fabric, and details are poor in cheap American brands (Gap, Old Navy, etc). Of course, I am talking about adult dress clothes which the OP appears to be asking about. I also find the American clothes to be more ill-fitting which isn't important for casual sports clothes but makes a world of difference for dress wear. Maybe it has to do with my physique which isn't as big in the butt and stomach but Dockers, etc are way too big in the butt and thighs. I never have luck with anything less then $50-70.
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JJ, you are definitely thinking of a different level of clothes than I am. Since the OP wants to save money, I mentioned less expensive options. That's what he seems to want.
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eBay. Cheap shipping, great clothes (new, old) from all over the world.
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Most of the shirts I see on sale in the American stores - Gap, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Old Navy have a made in the Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc) label on them. In fact, many times, some of the clothing stores in India tend to have an expensive range of clothes than some of the American stores I mentioned above.
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The linked article by bbyboi led me to which looks good - and they ship to Australia. Thanks.
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