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I hate feed aggregation software. I want to set something like this up (which uses this), but I know nothing about Python. Are there any alternatives?

Recently, I came upon this site, which aggregates a bunch of feeds this guy reads on a page. I really liked the set up, so I e-mailed him, and asked him how he did it, and he responded saying he uses Venus, which is a Python script (I don't know the terminology for these things). I attempted to follow the instructions to install it on my site, but it all went over my head, and confused the hell out of me, so I gave up. Is there any way I can achieve the same effect as that guy's site without having to go through some confusing installation process? Preferably, something I can host on my own site, and can customize the look of. I can install things like WordPress and all that, but once you get into things like Python and Ruby on Rails, I'm lost (just so you know what I can and can't do).
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What you're looking for is an RSS Aggregator if you've already installed wordpress (And running it) you can check out an available plugin

They're likely not as easy to install as wordpress but here are some PHP RSS Feed Aggregaters
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I know this is not quite what you're looking for, but have you considered google reader?
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What about Fever? It's really new, slick, well designed, and is just a PHP/MySQL doodad, so not really any harder than WordPress. (No, I haven't got it myself as I like Google Reader, but have seen others rave about it on Twitter.)
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If you're going to do this, I'd recommend doing what Mark does, which is to keep the URL semi-private, and definitely use a robots.txt. You don't need the headache of people screaming at you for stealing their content and hosting it on your site.
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If you have at least rudimentary skill level in any web-related programming language you might take a crack at this, it's a pretty simple thing to do. You could have a flat HTML file on your desktop that did this with javascript, not even a web server or database needed.
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Have you tried Feedreader? It is (to me) sufficiently different from most of the crap out there to make it worthwhile.
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The term you want use in your googling travels is, "lifestream."
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I think Fever will suit your purposes quite well.
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