Baltimore Free or Low Cost Clinic
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Are there any free or low cost clinics in or around Baltimore MD that are accessible by public transit?

This is not STD testing or the like. Need to get some meds prescribed.
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Try calling the Hopkins' East Baltimore Medical Center. I think a sizable portion of their patients are low income. I think in general Johns Hopkins Community Physicians offer low cost services.

Also, this seems to have a list of low cost clinics:

Consumer Guide to Low Cost No Cost Guide to Health Care and Resources in Baltimore City (pdf)
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Yes! Yes there are!

Chase Brexton is an amazing, amazing clinic, that has dental and OB-gyn and all manner of wonderful options for the uninsured and low income. It's sliding scale, but they're very generous. You may have to wait a bit to get an appointment as a new patient, but once you're in they're just great. It's right in the middle of Mount Vernon so there are two billion bus lines that pass by or near it.

Baltimore City has a number of health clinics for various populations that are located around the city. Many of them have walk-in services, but do be prepared to wait.

If neither of those work for you, you can also use the Health Resources and Services Administration health clinic search to find more options.
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specifically starting on p. 11 of the pdf, there is a listing. Hope you feel better soon!
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No specific knowledge about health clinics (although I've heard Chase Brexton is fantastic), but you're supposed to be able to call 311 and get information about health services. I've never tried personally though.
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Second Chase Brexton. That is where I go. As schroedinger said, it can take a little time to get the first appointment, but since then, if I'm sick and need to get in that day, I've got an appointment within hours.

They are on the 11 bus south, a block from the 11 and 3 north, about 4-5 blocks from the Cultural Centre Light Rail Station and 7-8 blocks from State Centre Metro. Plus more, I'm sure.
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