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What is the easiest way to share data from MySql to a web page on Windows

I'm thinking something related to Windows web server IIS with some kind of plugin or asp?
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I use a Windows LAMP distribution like XAMPP. I think PHP is the easiest way to display MySQL.
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Seconding the XAMPP suggestion. Windows-only IIS web servers are the minority compared to WAMP and various flavors of LAMP, and most hosting providers will offer a choice of both (i.e. Apache with PHP / MySQL or Windows Server with ASP/.net). Is there some other factor that's forcing you to try to do MySQL on Windows?
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Connecting to a MySQL database with "classic" ASP is Not Fun. (.Net may be a different story. But I doubt it.) Seconding the PHP suggestion.
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Response by poster: thx for the words of wisdom, i was hoping for something maybe that exists out the box (and wouldnt require too much programming).. maybe php is the way to go
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