Help me remember where I found this image
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Please help me remember the art blog where I found this image a few days ago. It's possibly from,, or, but don't restrict your search to those sites. The post may or may not have included the words "fairy tale."
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Well, bupkis on (just in case anyone else is inclined to try).
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It was from notcot. The image refered to little red cap and not little red riding hood due to its original germanic origins.. Sadly i have a productivity block on it untill tonight so i cannot link.
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Best answer: It was on, originally located here. Apparently it's not on the site anymore; I found it in my Google Reader (thanks to a backlog of 700+ unread posts). In Google Reader, the post title was #23762 - 12x2 Design Group presents three fun fables as... It was posted by Chris Burns. The description was 12x2 Design Group presents three fun fables as told by totally MAXXED OUT illustrated beasts!.
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