Imitating the iPhone
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Help me make SMS alerts on my Pre sound like the iPhone! I am looking for a .wav file of the little "bing! bing!" sound that the iPhone makes when it gets an SMS. Anyone have a copy or know where I could find one? Thanks!
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Isn't the sound iTunes makes after it finished ripping/burning/converting? I don't have iTunes on this computer, but I would imaging you could find it on a machine that does. A quick search seems to say that it would be called "complete.aif".
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On my Windows install of iTunes, the sound can be found as \Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\complete.wav. I imagine it's in a similar place on the Mac version (although probably in AIFF format).
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Nope, that's not the sound. The sound I am looking for is two short simple bell chimes. I've heard it on two people's iPhones, now (they are not around for me to ask at the moment!) Thanks though..
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How are you changing the SMS alert on your Pre? Mine makes the same *ding* noise for all system notices (including taking it off the charger).
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The default iphone SMS sound is "tri-tone" which is complete.aif/wav.

Your friends could have easily changed their SMS sound to something else-- mine has "chime, glass, horn, bell, electronic" as options...
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Neustile- you are correct. This is not the default iPhone SMS sound, maybe it is chime? Or bell? Guess i'll grab their phone next time I see them and check it out. Still, not sure how I'd get that into a wav or mp3..
Foodgeek- I am using a homebrew app called MyNotifications. So, this is not a Palm sanctioned action.
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The sound you're thinking of is called "Glass" on the iPhone, but it's unfortunately not the same as this Mac OS X sound: /System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff
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If you have a friend with a jailbroken iphone, you can retrieve all the System sounds from /System/Library/Audio/UISounds, then convert the .caf files you find there to .mp3. You'll need a Mac for that part.

Hey, wait. It looks like this guy may already have done it.
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Chazlarson - Yeah I'd found that, downloaded it, and... none of those sounds are it. Agh! Thanks though.. good to know that it is the "glass" sound, though, that helps!
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OK, well, I just pulled a copy of that directory from my iPhone. When I get a chance to boot this machine back into OS X, I'll convert them to MP3.

There are several "SMS Sound" files in the directory.

memail me so I don't forget.
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I just recorded a copy of that sound from my phone if you're still interested in getting a wav of it. MeFi mail me if you need it.
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There's an archive containing WAVs of all the iPhone's "sms_recieved" sounds right about here. The one you want is #3, I believe.
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