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Where can I find a "Cleveland Baracks" t-shirt?

I saw one yesterday at the mall- it was light blue, short sleeved, and featured a smiling POTUS stenciled in black over the inscription, "CLEVELAND BARACKS." I Googled and checked eBay/Etsy to no avail, but there's enough documentation of the existence of these shirts to make me believe it's not a renegade crafter's shirt.

I would prefer to not commission a hand-stenciled shirt. I guess I *could* make one myself, but dammit, I'm lazy.
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Yeah, I'm not seeing much on Google. This guy has one on in his Picasa picture album. Maybe you could leave him a comment on Picasa asking where he got it.

The design looks simple enough that maybe it was just a small, short-run printing made for the election. Or maybe try contacting the local Cleveland or county Democratic headquarters and asking them.
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Here is an article from this week about indie Cleveland t-shirts; maybe you can drop the author a line (her contact info is at the end of the article.)
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