Mono on OS X
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I want to monkey about with Mono on OS X. I've found a few installation tutorials via google, but was wondering if anyone here had a preferred set of instructions they use (before I go and break my computer).
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I just tried this over the Thanksgiving Holiday, following the instructions here. Getting the core stuff (C# compiler, mono runtime interpreter, and man pages) was easy -- there's a nice package for it.

The trouble is that gtk# has no nice package, so it's building from source (and if you want to do GUI apps with Mono, you want gtk#, plus I think you need it to run the official IDE). They recommend using Fink, which I really don't like, because like most package managers, it seems to insist on installing things you don't need. Until I figure out how to convince Fink I've already got an X server on my machine, I'm not going anywhere (though at least I've got some hints about that).

Not to mention other troubles with Fink, like conflicts between /usr/local paths and /sw/lib.

I'd very nearly rather compile everything by hand.
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