What Movie or TV Show is This From?
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What Movie or TV Show Is This From? A man plays catch with a kid. Then HALF A KID riding on a skateboard rolls by. He passes by a Doberman, who breaks from his leash and chases after the half a kid. The dog starts attacking the half a kid, who cries for help. The man playing catch hears his cries, and beats the Doberman, saving the half a kid. Then we see the Doberman...and now it's a man! And he's been beaten! (No, I didn't hallucinate this. It's from a TV Carnage tape.)
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What do you mean "half a kid?" The bottom half of the kid? I.E. Only up to the waist. Or the left or right side of the kid?
posted by pwb503 at 4:39 PM on December 13, 2004

Response by poster: Top half. The unfortunate kid does not possess a lower half, and it doesn't appear to be special effects at work.
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Jesus. I dunno, but... Jesus.
posted by xmutex at 5:13 PM on December 13, 2004

Are you sure you didn't just dream this? If not, I really hope someone has an answer to this, because I'd really like to see that!
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What era is this - did you notice 70s hairdos, or 80s clothing, or 90s music? Any Googlable dialogue? Laugh track, ominous rap music, ???
Then again, that info probably wouldn't help, as anyone who'd seen this scene would probably remember it just for the half-kid/Dober-MAN bit.
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Is it "Eerie, Indiana"? Best show ever.
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I remember half a kid riding by on a skateboard. I remember watching "Eerie, Indiana". Seems to fit to me, although I don't recall this specific scene.

Then again, I'd probably be unable to recall any specific scene from that show. I just remember having watched it, and, well, half a kid on a skateboard isn't that forgettable.
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Response by poster: It's from the 70's, perhaps early 80's. The film is quite grainy. It's not Eerie, Indiana, although that show was a fountain of genius unto itself.

I believe that the only Googleable dialog was, "I'm gonna throw this over your head," or something similar. And then the half a kid yells for help, but that's not very helpful.

Jesus Christ. What a weird clip. Thanks to you guys for even trying.
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Hey, you have a video clip? Can you host is somewhere so we can take a look?
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Response by poster: The clip is on a VHS. If there was some way I could transfer it to DV, I could delight the world with my special magic. I'll see what I can whip up, although it may take a bit.

For those of you with money to burn, the clip appears in TV Carnage's "Ouch My Brain Hurts."

(Also, thinking more about it, I'm going to email the TV Carnage people right now to see what they have to say...although I could conceivably see them keeping mum)
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