Swedish drunk text translation help please
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Swedish drunk text translation help please :) Note: may be slightly off color language, THAT word I think I recognize!

This was sent to me from a female friend and I'm trying to decipher it.

I get the gist of it from google's translation tools, but because of her grammar, a T9 texting shorthand/typo, etc I'm not confident of the translation given.

'Tycker om du mig? Vill du knulla mig? Vad sa du alsk'

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Do you like me? Do you want to fuck me? What did you say alsk [the last bit could be 'älskling' as in "darling" but it's cutoff. could be abbr. of älskling > alsk." or "age location sex k-something?]

You have nice friends.
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"Do you like me? Do you want to fuck me? What did you say darl(ing)?"
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And your reply was?
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For what it's worth my S60 Swedish T9 doesn't give any alternatives on "alsk" but wants to spell "älsk" > "älskling"
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If I read "Vad sa du" in an English-speaker-pretending-to-be-Swedish way, it sounds like "What say you?" Could it actually mean something like that idiomatically? (I only say because considering the first two sentences, it seems weird to ask what was said in the past tense if the text was unsolicited?)
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Wackybrit: I think the last sentence might either refer to a previous text or conversation (maybe rampy has a take on that? He doesn't say that it's unsolicited) or it's drunken misspelling, intending to write "vad säger du älskling?" (meaning "what do you say [about that] darling?)
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wackybrit, not really. It's a very common way of asking for clarification when, for example, you didn't hear somebody (Förlåt, vad sa du?). Perhaps the female friend is not certain if she heard rampy correctly when he spoke of his intentions?
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english is her primary language but she spent a year in Sweden. I sent her as a joke a bad translation of a rickroll. "Aldrig kommer att ge dig upp!"

That was her response.

My response was to quote Sam Jackson from Pulp Fiction... "English motha$#@% do you speak it?"

After going home from the pub and google translating it, I replied "But of course" assuming I got the gist.

Does that help (or entertain at least?)

Thanks for the insight, I appreciate the thoughtful more nuanced translation help.
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Could this have anything to do with the goofy "Can I tap that" meme that's been floating around certain places for the last few days?
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Does that help (or entertain at least?)/em>

Both, thanks.

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Ah. In that case the "Do you like me? Do you want to fuck me?" could also have been her asking what you had sent previously.

Man, haven't got a dirty drunk sms in ages. Need to get out more.
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davey_darling: I don't think so, she's not quite up on the internet meme's as me. I had to explain what a rickroll was.

In context I'm not sure if she was actually asking the question literally or taking guesses at translating what I sent her.

Bonus points for translating, 'yo girl, when you gonna let me tap that'? into swedish, lol!
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If she knows enough Swedish to send you that text she'd know better than to interpret your previous message as she did. Encouraging innuendo, methinks.

I feel too old to translate "yo girl" into Swedish, slang being what it is, but let's go with a Stockholmish accent: "Ei tjejen, när skaru släppa till?" Younger Swedish mefites are allowed to mock that attempt, though.

Metafilter: Do you like me? Do you want to fuck me?
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The last piece means, what do you like and trust me on that. Jag bor i Sverige (I live in Sweden).
Next time you get such SMS, try google's translate service first :)
BTW, as monocultured mentioned, you really have 'nice' friends (Borat style ;)
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