Where can I find some USA-made jeans in Los Angeles?
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Where can I buy jeans in Los Angeles that are made in the USA?

I got sick of all my clothing being made in China and Vietnam. It seems that no matter what store I go into (including "high-end clothing"), everything is made in Asia.

I want to wear jeans made here in the USA--without spending an arm and a leg. That means I want to spend less than $100, and closer to $50 would be much better. I want something comfortable, long-lasting, and perhaps in a boot cut--but I'm not a cowboy. I'm not looking for rodeo wear.

I went into an American Apparel, and did not like anything. It's perhaps too hip for the likes of me. I'm impressed with their desire to provide livable wages and make their product in downtown LA, but it's not my style. Up until now, I've mostly been a Gap and Banana Republic type of fella. I'd also like to be able to try on my jeans first, so buying something online sight unseen isn't going to happen.
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If you can score a sale at Lucky Jeans, you'll get American-made trousers for under a hundred. I've already destroyed a few pairs, but I've never really seen any jeans last very long in my employ.
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At the flagship Levi's store in San Francisco, there are seamstresses who will make jeans to your measurements.

I would call the larger stores in the Los Angeles area and see if they offer the same service, and how much it would cost.
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Maybe I'm missing something here, but generally clothing is manufactured abroad because it's a lot cheaper. I really don't see how a pair of $50 jeans can be made in the US if (a) the person making them is earning a liveable wage, (b) the material is of high enough quality to meet your long-lasting criteria and (c) the 'American' company is making any kind of profit after everything else is taken into account.

Like Doctor Suarez says, maybe you can find something in a sale? Otherwise, how about thrift stores if you're worried about the ethical implications of buying clothing made overseas?
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AG Jeans are made in the US (Southern California, if I recall correctly). They cost an "arm and a leg", but hibbersk has already outlined the reasoning behind that. They're sold at high end boutiques like Intermix as well as upscale department stores.
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Check out Dungarees in Studio City on Ventura, just east of the bowling alley on the south side of the street, between Laurel and Coldwater.

They're expensive, but if you join the email newsletter they'll let you know when they're having a sale. I've found plenty of sub-$50 jeans there on sale days.
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Seconding AG Jeans.
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Many US-made jeans are going to be well over your price point, but some Carhartt clothing (including some of the dungarees) is still made in the USA. It's important to note that some models are made both in the USA and in China, so check the label.

Pointer brand isn't high fashion (quite the contrary), but it's made in the USA and very inexpensive.

Roundhouse has dungarees and overalls made in the US.

Finally, here's a useful list of some other stylish made-in-the-USA brands, some of which are traditional, inexpensive brands, and some of which are retardedly expensive high-fashion travesties.
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Dersins, the list you linked to looks pretty good. I also may go down to some of those surplus shops to check out Roundhouse.

hibbersk, perhaps you are missing something here. (a) How are you absolutely positive that the people in China or Vietnam are making a living wage? Are you serious? and (c) What's this 'American' company? What are the apostrophes for? What's your deal? And I'm sorry, where did I mention that I had any ethical problems buying from overseas? My shoes, my car, my socks, undies, shirts--Japan, Japan, China, China, China.
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i can't pay enormous amounts for clothes and i like buying made in the u.s.a.

so what i did was measure my waist, hips, inseam, etc. and then go to stores that sell designer jeans and try on all of the brands to see what size i generally fit in and which brands i like.

then i went on ebay and searched for pants in that size, and then emailed the sellers and requested exact measurements.

this means that all the pants i get off ebay consistently fit. i mostly wear jeans that retail for $150-200+ but i don't pay more than $40 for them. i think this'd be even easier for men since mens' pants tend to vary less in the hips.
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