Not having a psychiatrist makes me sad
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Recommend a psychiatrist in NYC who accepts Oxford, for medication only; talk therapy component is already taken care of.

I've started seeing a psychologist for depression and she thinks I'd benefit from medication, but the psychiatrist she usually works with is not covered by my insurance. I'm already going out of network with the psychologist, so I'd like to find a psychiatrist who is covered by my insurance (Oxford Freedom plan). Picking a doctor at random from the insurance list is a scary prospect, especially for this kind of issue. I've emailed my psychologist to see if she has any other recommendations, but in case she doesn't, I'm looking on my own.

I'm in Brooklyn but location is flexible as long as it's public transit accessible.
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I also have Oxford Freedom, and I believe the doc I saw for medication management was Ira Bergman, upper east side but a quick walk from the 4-train. I am fairly certain he was in-network. If you want to MeMail or email me, I will share a little bit more about my experience with him, but I'm not totally comfortable doing that here.

Another idea (the way I usually do it) is to print the Oxford list, and ask the psychologist to highlight or checkmark the ones she or a colleague can recommend. Having the names in front of her usually helps, rather than pulling names out of her memory.
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How weird, I think I saw Dr. Bergman too. Didn't care for him. Memail me if you want. I also saw Luz Green, whose office staff doesn't return your first two calls, but she was nice enough.
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