Vegas Strip Club for a Couple?
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Any suggestions for a nice strip club in Las Vegas for a couple??

My boy and I have never been to a strip club, but I have always been interested! We are both into girls (he's straight and I'm bi) and we are in Vegas for 2 weeks.
What we don't want is to end up at a REALLY nasty sketchy club. Is there a place out there we'd both enjoy?? Ideally, we would like to find girls that are most like the girl next door type. Does that even exist here!?
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I just got back from exactly this kind of event.

Spearmint Rhino! They are totally not pushy, and not forceful about keeping you in drinks. The lap dances are $20 each. If you guys sit next to each other and are clearly together (think: him stroking your thigh), then you guys will not be approached very often at all, and will have the opportunity to be as choosy as you want about the particular girl grinding upon you. It allows you to save a little money, be less distracted by the hustle, and pick the ladies you want (really, you win all the way around). Extra points if you sit near the main stage and get a three girl pole show all night with no requisite tipping!

Here is a trick: call the club ahead of time and have them pick you up in a limo. It is totally free, they even take you to the back door where there is no cover. All of the strip clubs in Vegas offer this, but not everyone knows about it. If you take a cab, the club pays the cabbie a fairly absurd amount of money for taking you there, and the club charges you cover to recoup their costs.
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Speaking only from anecdotal personal experience, the Mrs. and I went to Olympic Gardens with another couple and had a fine time. Supposedly, there's an area with male dancers, but we didn't bother.
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