Young Adult Short Story
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I, too, am vaguely remembering a short story. It was a young adult sci fi dealie, where, in a grim future, orphan teenagers are used in a Pavlovian experiment. Most of the novella takes place in a seemingly endless tangle of stairs...
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House of Stairs?
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Subject of a previous Ask.Me name-this-story post.
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Response by poster: Wow, that's it! Thanks, guys. I'd been trying to remember the title and/or author's name for about fifteen years, I kid you not. I had no idea it was so popular still...
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That's a great book.
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If you like that, you should try Sleator's other books. I used to devour 'em as a kid... lots of heavy ideas, not much down-talking.
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Definitely one of the books from adolescence that will remain with me always. I never quite understood the WHY of it, though. Fascinating.
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