I've got the mid summer blues
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Can anyone recommend a Psychiatrist and a Pyschologist (or mental health specialist) in Portland, Oregon?

It's for a new bout of depression that seemed to have disappeared for the last six years or so. I would love specific names, as a couple of the resources I've used in the past are full through September and I'd prefer to begin treatment now. As far as psychologist or mental health professionals I'm a girl in mid twenties, and would prefer someone liberal but don't have a gender preference. Thanks!!

I saw a similar psychiatrist post, but there were no specific names given, I'd prefer personal recommendations.
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Call up those resources that are full through september and ask for a referral. If you like the way those resources worked out for you...there is no better option for you than to ask for a referral. I've learned that good doctors seem to hang out professionally.

Good luck.
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I have been seeing Sonya Jones who's office is based out of Tigard, OR - only a 10 minute drive from downtown PDX.

She's not a psychiatrist so she won't be able to prescribe you anything, but she's a damn good counselor (MA) and has done amazing things for me over the past year. I fully agree with her "facilitator" approach to mental health as, ultimately, it is up to us to make a change in our thoughts/actions.

Her fees are very reasonable ($60/session) and your first session is free. So there's no harm in at least meeting with her to see if she can provide you with what you're looking for.

Good luck!
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Thanks, so far. I did already call the counseling centers for referrals. I'll check out Sonya Jones as well. I was hoping for a psychiatrist referral as I am ready to begin trying meds again, and I have had negative experiences with that type of doctor in the past.
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Von Schlumperger Birgitta PHD
Street: 11905 Southwest 60th Avenue
Portland, or 97219-7005
Phone: (503) 226-0828

Don't get caught up on the name, I called her Dr. Von. She helped me out a few years ago. I liked her cognitive behavioralist style. She will give you strategies and concrete ways of dealing with your stuff. I found her easy to talk to. She works in an office attached to her home.
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