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Where can teenagers go dancing in greater Los Angeles?

My 16 and 17 year old kids want to dance. They'd prefer ska or bhangra or alternative-y dance music, but mostly they just want a dance club that will let them in.

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YMMV. Here are some 18+ clubs...and at the bottom are some 18- clubs.
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If they are willing to try something a little on the old fashioned side, there are contradances every weekend in the OC and LA area. The one in Anaheim on the fourth Saturday tends to attract a slightly younger crowd. These are all ages with no drinking or smoking.
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Thanks, Hal_c_on and jvilter -- I'll pass these along!
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I'd also recommend they give Lindy groove a try. A wide range of ages, but pretty heavy presence of younger people. As an added bonus, charelston, one of the dances people do there (though swing and lindy are the most common) is very similar to skanking, the dance people do to ska.

The music is mostly big band er swing, but some of the dj's mix it up with some other types of music as well. Free lesson before the dance each week.
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As an added bonus the week of your birthday, you can come for free, bring 10 other friends for free, and get a free cake, which is awesome.
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