Is it easier to get a driver's license in MD or DC?
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Is it easier to get a driver's license in Maryland or D.C.? Which tests are easier? Which has less-fussy paperwork or bureaucracy? Will there be a probationary period for either?

Asking for an adult friend who is likely able to prove residency in both MD and DC and wants to take the path of least resistance to getting a driver's license (all else being equal).
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It's the damn DMV, "fussy" and "bureaucratic" are not on the signs and stationary there, but it's implied and assumed.

I presumed you/they have already Googled the RMVs for each state and figured out what the process is?

So what else are you looking for?
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Maryland. You can go to any DMV in the state, which includes smaller and easier to deal with DMVs. In DC you are limited.

If you are registering a car, however, you'll find it remarkably easier to park with an appropriate neighborhood sticker, which can only be had with a DC address.

Establishing a residency in MD means lower taxes, too.
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Are you talking about a new, first-time driver?
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In my opinion DC's DMV's are WAY more of a hassle. I'd stick with Maryland. I have lived in both of them, and got my license in MD. The test will pretty much be dependent on who is administering it, and as long as you follow directions well you will do fine.
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If you are a first-time driver, I would go with DC. Maryland's Rookie Driver Program is a whole lot of headache.
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He's a 25+ new, mostly first-time driver. He had a learner's, driver's ed, and limited experience when younger (high school) but never acquired the full driver's license and hasn't pursued it for a number of years.

I've dug a bit deeper into the programs for each and it looks like MD requires all new drivers (regardless of age) to complete a graduated licensing program which includes driver's ed. whereas DC only requires people under 21 to undergo a similar program. At the moment that seems to be the clincher since he's dwelling in D.C. and attending a driver's ed. program in MD would be more of a burden than the DC license process for someone 21+ (written test for learner's, written/road test for full license with no other certifications needed).
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In Maryland, the DMV is called the "MVA". Just to avoid any possible confusion.
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It may come down to where you want to park. Both DC and MD can be dicks about out of state cars regularly parking in residential areas, so I'd probably register wherever I parked the most.
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I did my test in 17 years ago, but at the time you had to schedule DC tests many months in advance. I don't know if that is still the case.
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