Font I.D., please.
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Could someone identify the font used in the headings on this webpage? I am looking for the font used in Who We Are | What We Do | Special Services. I am much obliged.
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Here's a start.

I was going to say Gotham, but maybe not.
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Best answer: I looks like some type of Futura, but at sizes that small, fine distinctions between fonts get lost. E.g. this has the nearly round O's of Futura, and that style of A, but other details get blurred by being only a pixel or two. Look here for Futura being used in a similar way.
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Looking at their css source code, it looks like the "Who We Are..." is in font Verdana, the actual text (in blue) is in Myriad.
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Adding to that last post: probably small-caps in Verdana.
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Matching on whim in MS word makes it look close to "Candara", except for the "R". Neither Verdana nor Future match the way the "S" seems fairly flat. I'd have to second "Myriad".
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The CSS doesn't refer to the buttons on the page you listed, as they are images. The CSS refers to the generated text.

I'd say the lettering on the buttons is Verdana, though. Small sizes definitely remove some distinction.
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The small size makes it hard to ID. My first guess is Gill Sans, but that doesn't seem quite right, either.
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After answering about 15 questions on Identifont: ITC Franklin Gothic

The "R" doesn't quite match, so I don't fully agree with their assertion. I do think it is within the Gothic family, however, it could have been manipulated (stretched horizontally) in Photoshop.

You could always contact the web designer. I'd be happy to oblige if it was my website.
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Best answer: My best guess is Avenir, but it's hard to tell at that size. Futura will get you pretty damn close as well.
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Best answer: 09scar is correct. It looks to be Avenir. I happen to have that font and made a comparison.

Good job!
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Response by poster: Thank you, you all are crackerjack font identifiers. Avenir is the future in French, by the way, so I wonder if this was a Francophone take on Futura?
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Avenir is directly inspired by Futura:
The name Avenir is French for “future,” and takes inspiration from early geomeric sans-serif typefaces Erbar (1926) designed by Jakob Erbar, and Futura (1927) designed by Paul Renner. [Adrian] Frutiger intended Avenir to be a more organic, humanist interpretation of these highly geometric types. While similarities can be seen with Futura, the two-story lowercase a is more like Erbar, and also recalls Frutiger’s earlier namesake typeface Frutiger. (Wikipedia)
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