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I have some friends collecting movie & music data for the month of August - what are some innovative/interesting things I can do with the results?

One friend is a music writer, he gets a couple of albums every day to review. The other just watches a patently absurd amount of movies. Because I just freaking love data compilation, I've given them both charts to keep track of the albums/movies, with categories both normal (title, length, etc) and silly (weirdest instrument used, connect someone in them movie to kevin bacon, etc). At the end of the month I want to present each of them with some sort of visual display of how they spent the month. Do you have any ideas on how best to accomplish this?

Also it's still early enough in August to add categories, if you have any suggestions.
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Plug them into daytum and see the pretty charts it generates. Print out and use as wall decor/art.
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Another one: Buy a long roll of paper. Draw up a timeline with a tick (horizontally) for every day in the month. Write down music/movie data. Use different colors for songs/movies to show where they fall in the spectrum of like/don't like, sad/happy, interesting/boring, upbeat/mellow, etc.

Hang up enormously awesome paper roll of music/movie data in your apartment.
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Have them record date and time of each music review/movie viewing as well as their personal rating (on some kind of metric, i.e., a scale of 1-10). Then you could track any patterns of positive or negative response (e.g., whether he tends to respond more favorably in the morning or on the weekends, or whatever).
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