Pointless but beautiful classic mac game...?
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Help me remember the name of the classic, meditative OSX game, where you float from level to level of black space through a swirl of coloured shapes to soothing gamelan-ish sounds, trying to catch stars in order to reach the next level?

Was it something like "virtuality"? How can I have forgotten? (Oh, and: Does it exist for the iphone?)
Thx muchly.
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Best answer: Tranquility?

I played that game until I realized that the fine motor control needed to bounce higher and higher was making me tenser and tenser.
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Definitely Tranquility! I'm embarrassed to say I finished that game, all the way to the very end. Yep, I am a "Master of Programming". Hrm, that sounds weak compared to some of the lower levels. For instance, it's hard to beat titles like "Sublime Sage of Things Seen and Unseen".
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