What's the wholesale laundry service like?
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Where can I find an overview of the Dry cleaning/laundry business? Some level of detail with respect to costs and cost structure of having the clothes shipped offsite would be great.

So I have this idea for a business - it would presumably leverage existing 'wholesale' laundry services... you know, the ones that do the actual cleaning for the retail establishments where you drop off your clothes. My limited understanding is that the place you drop off is - sometimes, at least - not the place the actual laundering takes place.

I don't need chemical cleaning, but 'regular' laundering.

If I was to leverage one or more of these wholesale shops, what might I expect to pay - structure (trip charge, per item, etc)... The wholesaler would need to pick up the clothes from one or more locations, take them to their laundry service, and return them in a matter of (probably) 8 or less hours.

Any help from the hive mind would be appreciated!!
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Contact the business librarian at your nearest Small Business Development Center (afilliated with the Small Business Administration.) Search string - SBDC and your nearest city. If they are too far to visit in person all communication can be conducted via email. The SBDC librarian has access to powerful qualitative and quantitative information on every conceivable business with unique knowledge specific to your region. There is never a charge for counseling or information.
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There are numerous retail cleaner's associations, at the international, national, local and even ethnic (Chicago area Korean dry cleaners, here's looking at you kids!) levels. Perhaps getting in touch with one of these organizations, near you, could yield some local insight into the retail/bulk commercial laundry business opportunities in your locale. Also, if you are in the USA, SCORE is a valuable resource for people interested in creating new small businesses, or purchasing/consolidating existing small businesses.
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