Any Arabic-speaking, food-loving Puerto Rican Bando fans in DC?
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Any advice for a friend moving to Washington, DC, who is an ex-Air Force Puerto Rican (kickboxing) fighter studying Arabic at Georgetown?

Dude has very specific interests, doesn't drink. He asked me if there was an Arabic part of town where he could live. I don't think so, right? He loves Puerto Rican food but I don't know of any around here -- just Cuban? He's a fighter and probably capable of hiring on as a trainer somewhere, judging by his physique. Any fighting institutions he should look into? Is Bando still a thing in DC?
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Best answer: Don't know about where he might want to live, though Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, or U Street come to mind ... but he would probably be interested in the Washington DC Arabic Language & Culture Social Meetup Club.
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There is not an Arabic part of town, I'm afraid.. Does he have a car? the first thing that occurs to me is, if you want to pursue such specific interests, you may find places of interest that are out in the suburbs, particularly the northern Virginia suburbs, but it's impossible to do this without a car.

But if he's at Georgetown I'd look there, first, because there are so many students from all over the world. The School of Foreign Service there actually has a campus in Qatar, so.. there would be plenty of resources and connections here in DC, I'd think..
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Response by poster: He does have a car. You think there are places in NOVA that he might like? For Puerto Rican or Arabic interests?
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Best answer: IIRC there's a Muslim Students Association at Georgetown that he should consider joining. That, and check with the Arabic department to see if there are any language-exchange volunteers around.

For Puerto Rican food in the DC area, check this page.
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Best answer: Lloyd Irvin has a school in Maryland. He himself is primarily a Sambo/jiu-jitsu guy, but he trains professional MMA fighters, so the kickboxing program run at his school is probably up to snuff. Your friend can stop by and find out for certain.

His site links a muay Thai gym that's in DC proper.
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