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LDC TV + cat's claws = what?

I have a Sharp LCD flatscreen tv. I also have a rather rambunctious, playful, claw-wielding cat who loves to jump on top of the (relatively thin) tv and yowl at the ceiling. Sometimes, I know why he's doing this (he likes to chase flies and one will land on the walls behind the TV); sometimes, he's just doing the Crazy Kitty thing. He's not the most graceful cat and weighs about seventeen pounds (which, in my book, makes him a big boned little boy, like an Eric Cartmann of the Kitty World).

So far, the only 'damage' he's done is to turn off the tv or change the channels in the middle of a program. Should I be concerned about him catching the screen with a claw and damaging it?
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Were I you, I'd be most worried about him knocking it over.
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 12:12 PM on August 1, 2009

Yes, you should be worried about him catching the screen with his claws. This happened to my parents' TV and left an irreversible mark.
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Maybe put Soft Paws on him? Preventive measure?
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Chocolate Pickle, I have been concerned about him knocking it over but that's a 'known danger' - I understand what will happen if he knocks it over. :)

pghjezebel, I am so going to get hot pink soft paws for him! LOL I'm not sure that'll resolve my concern though, as I think it might be pressure that would do the damage aetg mentioned.

I'm going to build a shelf above the TV so that he can sit on the shelf, not the TV. Maybe a cat ladder up to the shelf as well...

Thanks for the answers, folks!
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There is a pretty good website that I subscribe to http://www.moderncat.net/
They have some pretty great ideas for kitty walkways/shelves etc that will definately give your cat better places to hang out and do his crazy kitty thing than your TV.
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TAP Plastics has a great video on installing a clear sheet of acrylic to protect your TV. They'll even cut the sheet to size for you for free.
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Slight correction: They sell a custom thing that hooks over your TV. Video here (Windows Media or QuickTime). For bonus points, you can throw a Wii Nunchuck at it and not have a destroyed TV. They quoted $150 in the video for a 42" screen protector.

...Or you could just have them cut two rectangles, glue them together with L-brackets at a right angle and put it on with Velcro on the top of your TV.

TAP also has repair products if kitty has already wreaked (wruck? wrought?) havoc.

Is it on a stand or mounted? How big is it? If it's on a stand you might consider mounting it - mounts can be had for $15-20 online and can withstand domestic cats of any mass.
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Keep his claws very short, and accept that you have a cat that will ruin things.

If you want to keep him off the top of the tv completely, dust it with cayenne pepper or chili powder.

(After that, he'll jump up there once more. Once. My cat hasn't been back on my kitchen counter in many years.)
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I do not recommend the softpaws. They work..sort of, but are very difficult to apply unless the cat has been trained from a young age to accept the fact that you will be using super glue to affix things to his nails monthly.
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defragmeout, I briefly flirted with the idea of SoftPaws for the boy, but then I 'tested' him to see if he'd let me fuss with his paws that long. He's fine with a quick manicure, but got fighty after that. I wouldn't be able to get SoftPaws on him.

Now that I know that he really could damage the TV with his claws (most likely his back claws as he struggles to get his big butt up to the top), I'll find solutions to prevent that. :)

Most likely, I'll get a wall system so he can climb up and chase the flies/be a nut without involving the TV. That particular system is expensive; I'm sure I can do something cheaper from Home Depot/Lowes.

Again, thanks for the ideas to prevent the damage!
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