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I'm going crazy trying to find the title of a Wilco song I heard yesterday. It's a song that references women from different parts of the country wanting to "get with" the protagonist. My efforts to search their lyrics by album has come up fruitless.
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If you remember more fragments of the text, you might be able to find it by doing a site search of this site (e.g add to your google search, etc).
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You could go through each link on this page. It's lyrics to all the Wilco songs. I thought I knew Wilco quite well but can't think of the song in question, and I looked at a few of those pages..
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Are you sure that it was a Wilco song or did you think that because Jeff Tweedy was singing? He shows up in a lot of places: Uncle Tupelo, Golden Smog, The Minus 5, Loose Fur and random solo stuff.
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I'm a pretty devoted Wilco fan, and that doesn't sound like the narrative thrust of any of their songs to me. I'm with octothorpe that it's from a side project.
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I thought I heard the same song on Radio Paradise yesterday, but I checked the playlist history on the site, and they only played one Wilco song yesterday and it's not the one you're thinking of. Nor is it the one Jeff Tweedy song they have in their playlist. Nor did they play something with lyrics like these on Thursday. However, I was listening to kcrw on Thursday, not RP, I think. Do you remember where you heard it, at least?

Thanks, now it's going to drive me crazy too!
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Response by poster: I was listening to Channel 63, Outlaw Country, on Sirius satellite radio. None of the previously recommended sites turned up anything. I'm still searching...
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