New Orleans jog / walk trails & a hair saloon
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New Orleans: looking for a hair saloon, places to jog, places to walk.

We'll be there for about 4 days and I need a cut and some color. Please let me know if you have a recommendation.

Also I love to walk. I've walked all over the Quarter, much of the Garden District, all along the trolley lines. Do you know of places that are nice for a stroll? By myself or with someone?

And I'm on a health kick. Would love a place I could jog. Where are the trails?

Thanks so much for any and all recommendations. I love your city.
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looking for a hair saloon

So that's a shot of bourbon with your haircut?

I've had a couple great staggery walks on Royal Street, but who hasn't. I also killed an entire day meandering down Julia St and popping in and out of the museums. Nifty city.
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I have the best hair stylist. Her name is Tara (there is an accent on the second A but I don't know how to type that - pronounce tuh-RAY) and she is great. It's called Urban Angels and it's at 4513 Magazine Street (they are moving so all listings are probably wrong). It's pretty trendy (the owner is Sassoon-trained) but not snobby or intimidating at all. Everyone is really nice there. However they are closed until August 18th and you didn't say when you are going to be in town.

There aren't really any trails's super flat pretty much everywhere...we live Uptown and my boyfriend just runs up and down St. Charles Ave and sometimes through Audubon Park. City Park is also nice although not as convenient to get to from most hotels. A lot of people run along the levee. You can jump on it pretty much anywhere and just run along the river as far as you want.
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We staying near Esplanade near Frenchman August 2 through the 6th. So I'll miss Urban Angels! Darn it. Thanks for the recommendation however. We get over there a few times a year so I'll hit it on another visit.

thank you so much both of you. Great ideas so far.
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...shot of bourbon with your haircut...

oh. oops! sorry for my lame spelling. But you know - that could be handy after all.
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There is a track at Audubon Park that I've run, walked, rollerskated, and biked over the years. It's not super scenic but it's level and consistent. The St. Charles streetcar will get you there, just get off in front of Loyola/Tulane.

The levees are great places to run. Right now my favorite* is on Algiers Point. There's great views of the CBD/Quarter and the sunsets can be amazing. You can take the ferry from the Canal Street landing to Algiers and back - it's free if you're on foot or bike.

* Disclosure: I'm partial to the Point, I recently moved over here and I love every bit of it.
Disclosure #2: I don't run so much as I lumber and wheeze a lot.

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I get my hair done by Kieu (pronounced Q) at Kenneth's on St. Charles Ave. It's reasonably priced, and I like it there. You can get to it on the streetcar by getting off at Jackson Ave.
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I must thank Night_owl for the wonderful recommendation of Kenneth's. Jen cut and colored my hair that and it was wonderful. Great location, and the staff was so nice.

djeo - we made it over the Algiers Point and it's my new fantasy place to move in New Orleans. What a lovely community. Thanks so much everyone for your suggestions and your time.
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