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What resources are available for financial assistance for hearing aids?

Asking for a friend who is on SSI and Medicaid (this guy). He had two hearing aids. One was stolen off his head a couple of years ago, and the other may have finally died after 8 or 9 years. KY Medicaid will not cover hearing aids for adults. I found an organization called Hear Now, but they want $100 just for the application, and that sounds a little off. Does anyone know anything about them, or about any other organizations that help with this kind of thing?

Of course now he's having fits, so this is loads of fun....
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The Lion's Club operates a program. You may also find useful information at The Better Hearing Institute, which lists resources here, as well as the Hearing Loss Association of America, which offers a compilation of assistance programs too. This recent New York Times article provides some information about questions to ask and also references the above organizations.
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Is your friend working/seeking competitive employment? Your friend's best bet is to contact the state's vocational rehabilitation office. Website: http://ovr.ky.gov/

One of the services they provide is assistance with hearing aids. Your friend would have to go through an eligibility process first but it's worth a try.
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Response by poster: He is disabled. He's on SSI.
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Yes, I realize that but is he considering returning to the workforce? Perhaps the vocational rehabilitation process can assist him with that?
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Nthing Lion's club if your friend has no intention/ability to return to workforce.
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