Google Apps calendar and calendar: can they get along?
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How do I work with both my Google Apps Calendar and my Gmail calendar? Bonus points: on a G1/Android phone.

I have a G1/Android phone linked to my account. I consider this identity my primary one for everything but work, and all of my important calendar events are linked to it.

I now have a Google Apps account for my company, I am the admin for this domain, so can edit permissions company-wide.

I do not want to use the web interface to visit the two calendars separately. I want one destination where I can see and edit every event I care about (i.e., for both my and accounts).

Also, I have a co-worker on who sends me and customers invites. I do not want my address to show to customers.

Bonus points if:

1) there's a way to make this work with my G1/Android phone's built-in calendar.

2) the solution isn't too disruptive, and I can continue to use my calendar as my main interface. I have family members who share their calendars with my address.

What hasn't yet worked:

I have tried sharing my calendar with my address, but this only shares free/busy status and doesn't let me edit from I believe I have set sharing correctly from the Google Apps admin panel, but it doesn't seem to work.
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Google Sync them both?
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Best answer: Supporting multiple google login accounts - specifically, a Google Apps account and a regular Gmail account - on a single phone is apparently in the works for Android. It's you and 20,000 Google employees waiting for this feature.

In the meantime, sync your G1 with your Apps account and share your gmail calendar with that one. They you'll be able to see them both on your G1 at least.

I have tried sharing my calendar with my address, but this only shares free/busy status and doesn't let me edit from

You have to do it the other way and then it's still read-only but you can see details.

I use the gmail app for my Apps email and the other email app for my gmail email and the aforementioned calendar config for my calendars.

I can continue to use my calendar as my main interface.

Nope. Not in this setup at least.
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Response by poster: GuyZero, do you have a pointer to more info (something pointing to the Android codebase, especially) on the planned Apps / gmail functionality. I'm using a build based on Android 1.5r3, and would be willing to go more bleeding-edge to get this functionality.
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No, just Android developers who say things like "yeah, we know" when I complain at them. It'll be between now and the heat death of the universe.
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Best answer: Surprisingly, calendar sharing from a Google Apps for Your Domain account ( to a gmail account now seems to work.

I swear I changed nothing after asking this question, but today, I can share my Apps calendar with my gmail account and see all the details (but not edit them). That is, I can log into my Apps account, select a calendar for sharing, give it my gmail address, and select the 'share all details' option, where previously I could only select 'show free/busy'.

I had, prior to asking here, performed the incantation at the Domain admin panel to allow for sharing of details to external accounts, but it didn't immediately take effect. Now it works.
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