Back walk massage in Tokyo?
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I've got a bad back and neck from playing piano and double-bass a large part of my life, and lately working a lot at the computer. Since I'm in Tokyo for another couple of days or so, I thought I'd ask around for the absolute best massage in town, that also won't break the bank. (It's a pretty sizable traveler's bank, but I'm not rich.) I've seen the (in?)famous massage where a woman (men are too heavy me guess) walks on the back and cracks the joints. Is that something recommended? Looks darn cool! :)
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My back gives me some trouble, but nothing medical grade, and I've had the back-walking thing done to me. It felt good afterward, but had a few painful moments during. Although I was face down at the time, and can't confirm, it felt like she was using the ceiling for leverage.
I would say that if you have serious problems, you should probably stick to licensed therapists, but if you just want to force out some knots, there are worse ways to spend your money.
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"Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is performed with smooth, flowing, gliding deep foot pressure. The therapist supports herself with wooden bars suspended from the ceiling while applying different foot strokes along the body. Using the pressure of the therapist's feet on strategic points along the back and spine, a push-pull-pumping affect is created on the soft tissue that surrounds the muscles and inter-vertebral disc space."

I don't know about what's available in Tokyo, but perhaps having the name of the treatment will help you find what you want.
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Response by poster: Ended up doing this in Yogyakarta in Indonesia instead, for a total of 100.000rp ($10) we got shiatsu, full body massage and body scrub for two hours... :) Do I love Indonesia? Yes I do.
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