Where to buy electronic gift card?
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Thank you filter: What are some good ways you can easily send a gift card to a co-worker?

I just started a new job a few weeks ago and several folks have really gone out of their way to help me with some "quick" questions. I'd like to give them a little gift card as a way of saying thanks. Nothing extravagant. Just something simple -- $10 for iTunes, $10 for Amazon, etc.

Is there a way to do this electronically without having to go out and buy cards at a store? We're a Web-based business, so it'd be nice to do something where all they have to do is click a link for an electronic gift certificate. And if so, are there other workplace-friendly ideas besides the obvious (Amazon and iTunes).

And yes, I do write thank you notes. I'm a big believer in a simple handwritten note and write them often. But this is slightly different.
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Amazon does this. The gift certificate gets emailed to the recipient.
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You can certainly order email-based gift cards on Amazon. Also, you can order Starbucks cards online to be mailed to the recipient.
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Since you're new there, it might be nice to take people out for a cheap lunch as a thank you; then you can get to know them a little as well. If a newbie at work thanked me with a gift card for helping them in early days, I'd be a little taken aback (it's just not something I've ever seen a new employee do).
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I would definitely find this odd. I think you should figure out what the culture of the office is before you start handing out what is, essentially, cash in exchange for help doing your job.

I'd suggest bringing in bagels or donuts or something instead of giving money or gifts. It's less formal and more in line with the cultures of most offices.
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I took a co-worker out to lunch at the end of my first week because he really helped me learn the ropes, introduced me to people, etc. Everyone thought this was weird, except for me. Apparently, being nice is weird.

When another co-worker stepped in and did something when I was out sick, I gave him a sbux gift card, as a way of thanks for doing something that wasn't in his purview.

I think this is a nice thing to do. I would say instead of a gift card, take 'em out for coffee or a soda or whatever, as a chance to have some human, instead of work, interaction.
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I also think a gift certificate would be inappropriate. Taking them to lunch/coffee sounds good, or you could give a small gift of dessert (either home baked or picked up at a bakery or donut shop on the way in). You might also email them a thank-you note, cc'd to their manager.
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