Firefox Restore Sesson Fail
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Since upgrading to the latest Firefox (3.51?) the Session Restore feature which restores windows, tabs has NEVER worked. I get a white screen which says how embarrassing it is my previous session can't be restored. I'd just like to start every session as a new one, it would save a lot of time, but can't figure out how to avoid the restore function. The Mozilla/Firefox support site is so dense and discombobulated I can't find anything helpful there. Any suggestions?
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Try typing about:config into the address bar, get past the warnings, find the following variable:


and change it to false.
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What Operating System and version are you using?

I had a number of issues with Firefox running in a portable mode on Windows 7 until I explicitly granted my logged-in user account permissions to the file location where Firefox 3.51 portable was installed.

I either had to Run as Administrator or grant permissions to my account for those issues go to away.
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Or downgrade, say, to version 3.5.0 for now.
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Could it be a simple fix like this?

Go to Tools, Options, first tab opens at Main. Drop box has three options for when Firefox starts. Pick "show my home page".
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My wife's PC used to bluescreen with monotonous regularity - often when viewing Flash-rich sites in FF. This addon always restores sessions properly (for her, anyway) after a crash. It also allows you to open a session at startup - very handy if you always like to visit the same page(s) when you boot the browser, eg. AskMefi. She has 3.5.1.
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