Cheap "Dry Box" For Camera Gear?
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Are there cheap alternatives for the large and elaborate "dry boxes" I see listed for use as dehumidified storage cabinets for lenses and other camera gear? I've built up a little collection, live where the summer humidity is often high, and do not run my AC 24/7. My first thought is that this is basically an airtight box with a bunch of dessicant inside. Can't really be that simple, though.
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Ziploc bags with a few bags of dessicant inside. You could do the same thing with vacuum sealing if you aren't going to use the items for awhile.
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Actually it can be that simple. I don't know squat from photography, but here in the laboratory we store water sensitive chemicals in dry boxes that are exactly that: a well-sealed box with some Drierite in the bottom. There are fancier ones, too, but they work just fine.
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Yes, it's that simple. Ziplocs + dessicant bags kept my lenses happy in a humid jungle for nearly a year*. Just remember to check the dessicant now and then and replace if necessary.

*and then I lost all the photos when I moved house. Doh! (Pre-digital +internet days...)
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Some folks use setting drywall compound as a very inexpensive dessicant. It's about $15 for a 25lb. bag. You just have to come up with a way from keeping the power contained.
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You can get a dehumidifying bar and make a special closet to store all your photo equipment. When I lived in Hawaii, we had one for the piano to keep it in tune, and a closet to store camera equipment and emulsion slides, and hiking boots. Anything mold like to eat.
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incidentally, Lee Valley sell large silica desiccant containers that appear to be identical to the much more expensive ones that Pelican sell for their cases.
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