Need Illustrator reference recommendations
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I can competently use Illustrator CS3 and do so daily for my job but want to increase my knowledge base and skills.

I currently would call myself a mid-range user but typically use illustrator for simple designs--usually integrated with photos from Photoshop--and signs, cards, posters, etc. I'd like to expand my knowledge into custom shapes, vectors, and some other upper level stuff as I am mainly self-taught on an as needed basis.

Any recommendations on tutorials, web sites, people to follow, essential books, etc.? I use the Visual Quickstart Guide for CS3 as my basic reference but want more. Step by step tutorials either web or video are my preferred option but anything else would be great too.
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Response by poster: That is exactly the type of thing I was looking for, thank you. Anyone else have a can't miss site, person to follow?
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Best answer: Get a month membership at Lynda. You can watch all the videos with a membership. Here is a sample of their AI vids
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Best answer: Seconding; it will not steer you wrong. An excellent technical resource.
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