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Online Print Shop Services: I'm looking to do a couple runs of flyers in the 1000-5000 range. What's the cheapest online service you've found for this?

I've already looked into Psprint, and that's friggin' cheap, but i'd like to get an even better deal, either by doing a smaller run, or by finding a shop that'll do onesided two color (grayscale and one spot, or black and one spot) for reaaaaaly cheap.

right now the cheapest i can get at psprint is $125. I'd like to shoot for something around $60. size isn't a concern.

i'd also be into finding out about any other cool online print services (for stickers, etc), for example, like the buttons at
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Response by poster: $125 for 5000 full color two-sided flyers at 3.25 x 3.25, which is a screamin' deal

the reason i want cheaper is i'd like to do flyers that change monthly or so, meaning I either need to be able to do smaller runs, or need to be able to get them for less money.

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sorry to be unhelpful here but psprint was what I was going to suggest. I've used them in the past and in fact I used them again only a week ago. To the best of my knowledge, for quality and price they are one of the best online services.

Perhaps you would find cheaper at a local print shop, but i've yet to find any cheaper online services with the ability that psprint has.
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Best answer: PSPrint was also my recommendation for the cheapest service I've found online. I assume you know about stickerguy who is my usual sticker connection. I find that when I need absolute rock bottom prices, it's usually the shipping that seems to cost the most. Have you thought about getting PSPrint to print one-sided two-color flyers uncut and then getting a local copy shop to print the monthly changes on the other side?
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Response by poster: aw. i guess that's what i thought. i had somehow spaced the actual cost of flyers on psprint and kept telling my friend that we could get a thousant cards for like, $50 (which, yeah, is kinda the case, except that i have to buy them in lots of 5000) and so i'm just disappointed that now i'm gonna have to put out more upfront. I may just do a run and then end up screening them myself for the next flyer. that'll be far cooler.

jessamyn: i like your idea for getting uncut fronts and then doing my own changes monthly. I might use that for another project i'm working on (for this one the entire design is going to change). that's a cool solution.

thanks for the advice guys. good to know i won't regret going with psprint.
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I've had great quality, quick service, and cheap printing of business cards and postcards from Overnight Prints - they don't do brochures tho.
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Response by poster: wow. that's a good deal on the postcards, mj3. thanks!
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Response by poster: i ended up doing a business card run with Psprint and i am very satisfied with the print quality (the turnaround time, also, was faster than they quoted, which was nice).

I am currently doing matchbooks (instead of flyers) through Absorbent Printing and so far have been very impressed with their response times to questions and for proofs.

thanks everyone.
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