How to make the Sound of Music sluttier?
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Most Halloweens I have a small Rocky Horror Picture Show party at my place. But this year I wanted to screen a different musical. Still, I want people to dress up, and I want the night to carry the same raucous, raunchy tone. How can I "slutify" The Sound of Music?
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No recs on the sound of music, but I'm offering up two other movie musicals that might pique your interest:

1. Reefer Madness

2. Repo! The Genetic Opera

Neither is as raunchy as Rocky Horror, but they are both rather twisted musicals. (Which I would recommend watching even if you don't use them for your Halloween party!)
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play it to the soundtrack of showgirls....
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Seconding Repo! The Genetic Opera for a fun Halloween musical. Plus, the costumes are fun and fun to replicate.
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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Moaning?
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Show a few choice scenes from the movie SOB before you show SoM. You'll see Julie Andrews in a different light.
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You can never go wrong with latex nuns. This is one of my Rules of Life.

Or another way to change the film if you're open to that: Hedwig Glam Rock Party, baby.
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Sexy nuns and naughty schoolboys in lederhosen!
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If you haven't, you want to read "The Maria Problem" by Anthony Lane. You can read it via Google Books here. It may not help too much with the sluttiness but other parts of it may give you ideas.
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Have people bring dirty parodies of the songs, and sing them in the appropriate places.
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Dirtier than when Mother Superior asks Maria "What is it, you cuntface?"?
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I don't know how much work you are willing to do. But it seems like suggesting that people dress as sexy nuns and Lederhosen-clad schoolchildren is pretty much a no-brainer.

For whatever reason, I regard sexy Nazi uniforms as less within the realm of reason, so you might want to dissuade those up front.
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Here's a thought.

There's a sound of music drinking game here. Some of the lists of things to drink for sound dirty out of context, and could be used as yell-backs to the screen. I'm thinking for example:

"If he [the captain] is holding/touching his whistle."
--"Let go of your whistle!"

"Everytime you see a nuns bare hands (multiple sips for multiple hands )."
--"Show us some skin, sister!"

"Everytime she [Maria] says "Oh"."
--I'm sure you can think of something.

"Whenever Gretel mentions her sore finger, or falls asleep. "
--Is it too wrong to do something with this? Maybe too wrong.


This would require a little legwork, but I think that's how you sluttify the least slutty movie ever. Take things out of context and make them sound dirty.
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I was about to say Clue, but you can't sing to that. Unless you try very very hard.
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applemeat: "Dirtier than when Mother Superior asks Maria "What is it, you cuntface?"?"

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Seconding Hedwig!
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Jesus, man, every Oktoberfest and polka party I have attended was redolent with bulging titties popping out of the top of dirndles and so many sloppy drunk people that it looked like a battlefield. Ever do the polka drunk as a skunk? It's MADE to get drunk and sleazy to. You just hop back and forth holding onto your partner for support while he gropes your bum and watches your boobs bounce.
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I love Foam Pants now.
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I love Foam Pants now.

Hell, I have met Foam Pants.
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Find the Negativland / People Like Us "Sound of Music" remix album.
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